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1) Q: Are you date setting?

Certainly not! Yet we are told that we should not be surprised. We should know the season we live in and be found ready.
         The God of the Bible is a careful God. He does not do things randomly or arbitrarily. He gave precise instructions many times throughout the Bible.
Such as the giving of the Law, the construction of Noah’s Ark, and the building of Solomon’s Temple. He also appoints times.
         Since the first 4 Spring Feasts were fulfilled to the letter on their precise Feast days, it could be argued that the remaining 3 Fall Feasts may also be fulfilled likewise. At least those Feast dates deserve heightened awareness. In any case, we are to be ever watchful and ready at all times. God wants us to walk with Him on a daily basis.

2) Q: Why does the Key Dates page list both Feast of Trumpets and Atonement?

The Feast of Pentecost occurs 50 days after Passover and had to be fulfilled in the same year. Likewise, the Feast of Atonement is always 10 days after Trumpets and therefore could also be fulfilled in the same year.

3) Q: Is there an Android Version?   Sorry, no.